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Game of Life

While watching a show about the universe they mentioned a thing called John Conway’s Game of Life, now I’ve heard about this before but it never really occurred to me to look it up. after the show ended I googled it and instantly wanted to code such a program. so I did, it’s a full screen program so it’s insanely hard to take screenshots of, it uses pixels as “organisms”.

If you have a blank face on right now I’ll explain John Conway’s Game of Life was an experiment by John conway to see what would happen if he put set of very simple rules to a world. the rules are as follow: 

1) Any live being with fewer than 2 neighbors die, like they were lonely

2) Any live being with 2 or 3 neighbors lives on to the next generation

3) Any live bring with more than 3 neighbors die, like they were overcrowded

4) Any dead being with exactly 3 neighbors comes alive, like reproduction (2 to do the deed and 1 to hold the camera I suppose)

The link is in the sidebar as always, just press escape when you want the simulation to finish.

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Warhammer Server

A while back i made a cool little serer that can add and retrieve text data from it’s files. Well my friends and I got into a hobby called Warhammer 40K and we had a grand idea. A campaign game! Sorta like risk and a cool couple additives to the game itself. Except i had a nagging feeling that the paper we were going to use would get destroyed or lost or otherwise be rendered unusable and it would collapse.
So being the programmer that I am, i decided to use my skills to create a software to track it for us that I could edit and update through my phone while we are playing the game. I started with rough sketches of the design

After i got approval from my friends, I went ahead with the code. I decided since I know next to nothing about C++ network programming and it looks quite complicated for a one week project, i would use Lua Socket for the server and client side of the code but I put that off for later. The first thing i did was load up my SDL library and went to work on the design. Pretty quickly I got up a basic world map

Then i got to work on the modal popup, it was a bit more complicated, it was my first time working with alpha in SDL. However I managed to get it in a day.


As you can see it comes with some lore too, many trips to the lexicanum were needed. However it was worth it, after this i added the mouseover popups. it was pretty simple and i did it within a couple hours.


whoot! now I added the Lua integration code and hoped for the best, I went to work on the server. The first attempts were a disaster to say the least, the server wouldn’t stay up for more than 2 minutes. after some serious debugging and 3 days of experimentation I created a working server.

The client and the server finally meshed and it was complete with a day to spare. If you want the server or the client the download links are in the sidebar, if you want to take a peek at the source code the links are also over there.


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